18 February 2009

Embracing the Power of the Interwebs

Tweeting, podcasting, friending, pinging, blogging, e-mailing, message boarding, jazzercising... So many ings, so little time. Sometimes it can feel a bit--no, scratch that. Sometimes it can feel very overwhelming, especially for people who think of themselves as "computer illiterate" or even "non-technologically minded."

As someone who knows what a powerful ally the Internet can be, I try to stay positive. I try to make time for all the social networking necessary to keep up in Web 2.0 world. It's not always easy.

But, one of the things that I do to help myself stay focused and motivated is to remind myself of the success stories, the people who made the Web work for them. I thought I'd share a few of my more mainstream/public examples, in case you're feeling overwhelmed too.

PotterPuppetPals: These award-winning videos got me through many all-nighters in college. I'll always have a soft spot for 'Bothering Snape' and 'Trouble at Hogwarts.'
Tila Tequila: Myspace success story if ever there was one. I wouldn't want her life, but I'm hoping it's working for her. She's certainly achieved fame.
Red Versus Blue: This series has provided me hours of mindless entertainment and owes its success largely to YouTube and Internet word-of-mouth (er...fingers).
Colbie Caillet: Myspace success story number two. Colbie's music soared as her Myspace numbers did the same.
Marie Digby: I love her music, found her on YouTube, actually. She was just a girl with a camcorder and a YouTube account back then. Now she's got a CD out, and I regularly hear her songs play at restaurants and movie theaters.
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: If you don't know about this, take some time and watch it now. This is possibly the best musical I've ever seen. It's funny, smart, well-acted, and sounds great. And it is provided for free online. Thank you, Joss Whedon.

Do you have any Web successes (personal or otherwise) that you'd like to share?

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