24 April 2009

Mini-Blog: Embracing the Good in People

Not everyone believes that people are fundamentally good. But I'm reminded on a daily basis that it's possible, and those reminders are often the littlest and simplest of things.

For instance:

On my daily walk to the office, I pass a youngish man (late twenties to early thirties) who looks like a lunatic — or worse a peeping tom — to the untrained eye. In reality, he's just got a ritual that looks bizarre if you aren't paying attention. 

Every day, as he leaves for work, he exits his townhouse and then steps up to the window and says goodbye to his adorable little son, who's probably about 2. He waves, he makes faces, he blows kisses. And the boy just laughs and laughs.

People are fundamentally good.



KLo said...

I'm embracing your ability to find small beauties in an often ugly world : ) You're fabulous!

Windsong said...

That's an awesome dad. :) I believe that people are fundamentally good. Not perfect, but generally good.

sunna said...

I'm going to work on having that attitude today. I used to believe it, before I got into tech support. :)

Icy Roses said...

It's always good to have a positive outlook. I am always so amazed by how nice people are. I've dropped my BlackBerry, my ipod, numerous times, and I've had people run after my bus to give it back to me. The world is full of wonderful people!

beth said...

Love it! What a great dad!