09 April 2009

Embracing Shame

As an extreme optimist by nature, I have a tendency to see the empty glass as full. Some people might call me delusional, but they've been drinking too much haterade. Please ignore them.

My point is that while most people choose to think of shame as a negative feeling — one to be avoided or overcome — I choose to think of it as a great motivational tool. Take, for instance, this blog entry. It is the byproduct of shame, and a bit of extra energy this chilly April morning. (The ratio is something like 85:15.) Score one for shame.

While I'm here, I suppose I should assure you all that I haven't been dead, just a bit too stressed to go home and get on the internet. However, I have been working on TWO new stories. I'm not very far along on either (and, in fact, I'm currently rewriting the opening of AFTERLIFE OF THE UNDEAD — my VWI novel), but I'm writing. I consider that a pretty big deal, especially since I've been in a writing dry spell since finishing ANJIDIA. 

That reminds me, I'm also revising ANJIDIA based on general feedback from ABNA and will be sending out more queries soon. For the record, the "expert" reviews I got for making it past the pitch stage of that contest were possibly the least helpful feedback ever. Apparently, I got reviewers who weren't fans of the YA fantasy genre. It's a shame, but I'm embracing shame. It works out in the end, you see?

Until later... (Although, hopefully a sooner later than last time!)


Captain Monkeypants said...

Aw- I'm sorry your ABNA reviews weren't helpful but it's great that you're handling it so gracefully. I will say that it's AWESOME you got your reviews which means you broke the top 2000, which is FANTASTIC!!! I'm glad you're back though...I like your blog!

Samantha Elliott said...

Thanks! I felt out of sorts the whole time I wasn't updating. Part of that was due, I'm sure, to the aforementioned stress, but I'm starting to think another part of that was missing you guys. No author is an island.

Marty said...

Keeping a positive attitude is the most telling sign of future success... I know that you will make it!

Samantha Elliott said...

Having supportive (and omniscient?) blogger readers doesn't hurt. Thanks!

E. Van Lowe said...

Dang, Sam, I wish I'd known. I had stopped looking for posts from you daily. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see this. Writing is so unrewarding... and yet, there are times it's so damn rewarding we know we have to do it forever. Lately all I've been getting is negative feedback, so I know how you feel. But the truth is, it's a signal for us. It's saying we need to make our work resonate better. How? I don't have the answers to that. If I did, I wouldn't be in the dumps along with you. But you have many fans. Please know we support you. And listen to the nay-sayers. I believe they hold the keys to our success. Keep writing! I know you are almost there.