14 August 2008

Fresh Starts (A Blog Entry Written by Hand in Books-A-Million)

On my way out of my interview today, I was caught in an afternoon thunderstorm (oh, how I missed them). Having possibly just started down the path to a new job and watching the city be washed clean by the rain, I started to wonder about the idea of "starting fresh."

People try to do it all the time. They "reinvent themselves" in the hopes that they can start anew; they get new jobs, new housing, new friends or lovers all in an effort to capitalize on that ever-elusive tabula rasa. Now, I don't intend to delve into the debate about the existence of such a concept. Thinking like that is best left to philosophers and can lead to nothing good in my life, as far as I'm concerned.

Instead, I am deciding how best to make use of my personal clean slate. I've been given the incredible gift of a quadruple fresh start - a new city (albeit one I've lived in before), a new place to live (with the inevitable new roommate[s]), a new job (in addition to my burgeoning writing career), and new companions (in the form of said roommate[s] and new coworkers). Therefore, I'm thinking that now is the time to devise a strategy for best making use of this period in my life. I love the freedom and hope that comes with the future being wide open in front of me, and I can't wait to see what happens next or where life leads me.

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Bailey Brian said...

I love you, and I love this post. I miss the rain that feels cleansing. The rain here just feels DIRTY. Damn Dirty South!