21 August 2008

"Mommy, wow! I'm a big kid now!"

Remember the days when every little thing was a milestone? You know, when speaking and walking and using the potty were all causes of major celebration? Or even later, when brushing your teeth on your own, dressing yourself, going to the movies without a chaperon, driving - all these things were monumental occasions?

I miss those days, and I don't understand why, as we get older, we stop celebrating life. Gone are the days when every first is something special, as are the seconds, thirds, and so on. Why is it that as we "settle down" and "grow up" we're expected to do certain things, pass certain landmarks, but 95% of them go unnoticed, or at least aren't celebrated?

I apologize for the randomness of this post, and the origin of this train of thought is so convoluded that I won't bother to explain. But, that's what I was thinking about in my far too quiet, temporary office today, and I thought I'd share.

Speaking of sharing, here are a few "Big Kid Firsts" that I have yet to properly appreciate:
  • First Independent Move - There was no school requiring me to be somewhere and no Mommy relocating me; it was just me making a decision and striking out.
  • First Time Using a Bathroom Key at a Workplace - Keys at convenience stores I get, at work...not so much. I feel like I'm being forced to use a hall pass.
  • First Time Reading Through the Entire Express During a Single Train Ride - I wasn't even reading particularly fast, either!
So, those are some of my most recent BKFs. Be sure to keep a lookout for more. Also, I'd love to hear a few of yours. After all, I'm not the only one who should be celebrating!


Anonymous said...

I think a first that is not achieved by many and not neccesarily viewed as an achievement, especially women would be dining alone. Not fast food, a sit down, waitress, menu in hand eating establishment. Along with going to the movies by yourself. Big accomplishment, small but big in a way.

Ellers said...

I think those are great achievements, and they are two things that I have never done myself. Although, my friends who have say that they are empowering experiences. Maybe I'll have to look into them sometime. Then again, I'm a fan of having company...

Anonymous said...

They are empowering, strangely empowering. What does it say about people (ie: our culture and just people in general) that the simple act of going to a movie or eating alone is empowering. Is it empowering because we have been raised in a society that over values the importance of groups, or undervalues solitude? I think alot of the reason it is empowering and also so 'hard' to do is because of our obsession with 'couples' and being in a couple. It is almost as if being alone is NOT okay, that you have to be with other people to be normal and wanting to be by yourself in a public place is strange. I suggest trying it as soon as possible, but start out slow, take a book with you to eat, go to a Tuesday afternoon show, easy things like that.

Ellers said...

I hear what you mean about the obsession with couples. As a single girl, I have to deal with that all the time. But, I deal. Oh, and I'll take the tips under advisement. Thank you.