15 August 2008


Yesterday while in Books-A-Million, I had the profound displeasure of being seated next to a young man who didn't realize that I could hear his phone conversation over my iPod. Like me, he is apparently homeless and living off of the generosity of his friends. Like me, he apparently attended American University. Unlike me, he apparently is a despicable human being. I will let the evidence speak for itself.

Direct quote that I felt compelled to write down as soon as the words left his mouth: "I met this chick, and I'm thinking of falling in love with her to move into her place. The thing is, she has this great place all to herself..."

No, I am not kidding. I did not make that up. As much as I like to think that I'm creative, I don't think that I could make that up.

I'm not sure if that is the most off-putting conversation on which I have ever accidentally-on-purpose eavesdropped, but at the moment, it is all that comes to mind. To make matters worse, as of late I have had a tendency to think less than fair and balanced thoughts when it comes to the male gender, and guys like this tool are not likely to make that tendency lessen.

His behavior is wrong on so many levels that it's like the Tower of Babel of Jackassery. I can only pray the poor girl sees through his charade. Here's hoping you do, anonymous girl.


Kat said...

Oh man, that's... that's amazing. I think I really thought these people only existed as my characters. And now... wow.

Why do I never overhear conversations this awesome? *needs to work on that*

Anonymous said...

I think that your next book should be your blog posts. I mean seriously consider writing a story based on your life, loosely or not, it would be a good read. I stalk your blog, and love it. It is truly great. You are introspective, clever, funny and endearing. I hope you have a great day today in the City. Signed - someone you know but don't know (but not in the creepy way)

Ellers said...

Thanks, Anon. It's good to know that I writing for more than just myself and most loyal of friends, but I have to admit that now I'm intrigued. Can a girl get a hint?