26 August 2008

A lesson in time

This morning, 7am found me sweating it out in the gym. Yes, my lovely roommate and I reached deep down within ourselves, found the strength to turn off Season One of Gossip Girl at a decent hour, and resolved to get up at 6:30 for a morning quickie (cardio session, you pervs). We didn't make it until seven, but we considered it a successful morning nonetheless. And then, we looked around.

It seems that the nice retirees who reside in our building are not all of the sit in a rocker all day persuasion. In fact (and I am loathe to admit this), a few of them seem to be considerably more active than their younger neighbors. Every day, I see this bent-over, hobbling old man taking walks around the grounds with his nurse. Those brave souls at the gym with us so early were working out at a pace and dedication that made my routine look positively lazy. And, there was even an older couple sparing with the building's personal trainer.

I've given this phenomenon considerable thought today, and I've concluded that I will not be ashamed but that I will work harder. I am not-yet 22 and am certainly capable of putting forth an effort comparable to that of those some forty, fifty, and sixty years my senior. If I want to be in the kind of shape at their ages that allows me to put twenty-somethings to shame, then the time to work hard and develop the correct habits is now.

And I do want to be able to put those twenty-somethings to shame!

Who says the young don't appreciate the wisdom of their elders?

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