08 May 2009

Embracing Apologies

So sorry about that. 

Vituya is... Well, Vituya was not meant for the blogosphere. Perhaps we'll have more luck with another of the dragon species. Or, maybe I'll see if someone socially inclined will take the reins next Friday.

For the record (and since Vituya was too rude to introduce itself), Vituya is the dragon who saves Aryli when she arrives in Anjidia at the beginning of the novel. Vituya only refers to itself in the third person (as is dragon custom). And, Vituya doesn't have any social skills.

Yeah... choosing it as my first character blogger was really not an inspired choice...


Trisha Pearson said...

I enjoyed Vituya's viewpoint! Long live Freaky Fridays!

KLo said...

Or else it was quite inspired : )

It actually made me think of royalty from earlier times, how a king or queen would refer to him- or herself as "we".

It definitely got across the point to how significant a dragon is : )

Windsong said...

Characters can be like that sometimes. ;-)

Samantha Elliott said...

Thanks, guys! I'm sure Vituya would be flattered, you know, if it cared. As its author, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

I believe Freaky Fridays are here to stay.

E. Van Lowe said...

Vituya does not care about comments from humans... I don't either. You gotta love him :)