22 May 2009

Embracing Freaky Fridays: Heathcliff Heathcliff

Before agreeing to participate in a Freaky Friday, I poked around on this blog. The emphasis everyone here seems to place on choice intrigues me. Never before have I seen such a concentrated amount of optimism in one place. And it is optimism that has this group thinking that people, fictional or otherwise, have free will. There is no "choice" in life; people simply comfort themselves with the illusion of options.

From birth, each person is set on a path—one path—that leads only to his or her final destination. Along that path, there appear to be forks, but just the one path exists. 

Imagine a traveler reaches the his final destination and reflects back on his life's journey. Though he may want to believe it, our traveler was never going anywhere other than where he went. As he passed each fork, making a "choice" about his path, he only reinforced the next "choice" he would make, until his life reached its end.

I, for instance, was always going to become Heathcliff Heathcliff. I remember my mother reading WUTHERING HEIGHTS to me around Christmastime every year when I was a child. I never forgot the fascination she had with the character I abhorred, or the words she used to describe him. She said, "Poor Heathcliff. If only he had been able to give up the life he imagined was supposed to be his..."

That vague sentiment came back to me clearly the day I joined the ranks of the Undead. What other name would I have "chosen" for my new life when Miss Xavier asked me to supply one?

Think about it, and you'll realize that all the things you've convinced yourself were choices in your life weren't. You wouldn't be you if you had chosen anything other than what you did.

Your life, your path, already stretches out in front of you. The best you can hope for is that you like it even part of the time.


Samantha Elliott said...

Wow, Heathcliff...

Thanks for bringing cheer to my blog readers to help them get excited for the holiday weekend.


Happy Memorial Day, Americans!
Happy Bank Holiday, Brits!
Happy Weekend, everyone else!

Pens and Reveries said...

Blah, I´ve been thinking about this very same topic...but then if we don´t have any choices, Heath (I´m sure you´re ok w. abbr, now that we´ve gotten to know each other) , then we might as well go ahead and do just what we want to do which reminds...

kageno-tenshi said...

So, then, Mr. Heathcliff, if every choice we ever made was an inevitable occurrence decided and planned before we ourselves ever reached the point where the decision needed to be made, then I suppose every repercussion of said decision was inevitable, too. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Heathcliff, but from an outside point of view, this way of thinking reeks of self-gratification. Are you implying, sir, that every time a decision you made caused someone else trouble, pain, anguish that it wasn't your fault because it was going to happen anyways?

Preordained or not, if Heathcliff hurts someone, it's Heathcliff that hurt them. Man up and take responsibility for your actions, you puppy killer. XP

Saumya said...

I especially love this post because my mind wandered over to Mr. Heathcliff and his brooding temperament the other day.

I think that your last couple of sentences are an interesting way of looking at life. In many ways, our lives do already stretch out in front of us. But, to an extent, I do believe that we make our choices instead of vice versa.

Can't wait till your next post!