18 May 2009

Mini-Blog: Embracing Turning into Our Mothers

I am God.

Thank you, Litgirl01 and Beth, for helping me realize that this morning.

I can create. I can destroy. I can shape destinies and control lives. I am the ultimate mother. I can say, "Because I said so."

Remember that, Aryli, when you want me to explain how you traveled from Point A to Point B. 

Remember that, Draven, when you insist on monologuing about your troubled childhood. 

Remember that, Sam, when you start letting the characters walk all over you...


Litgirl01 said...

What shall you do with all that power? ;-)

Tess said...

I thought I heard faint maniacal laughing in the background as I was reading that post :) Very funny.

Danyelle said...


But can you put them in a corner and tell them to be quiet and have them obey?

beth said...