07 May 2009

Embracing Creative Stimulation

I think Big Brother Blog has tapped my brain and is syphoning my ideas.

Last night as I was laying in bed, willing my brain to shut down, I had an idea for a weekly blog post. I decided that it would be fun and incredibly helpful for me (and hopefully entertaining for you) if I have one of my characters write a blog post each week — say Fridays.

Well, this morning whilst perusing the blogs I follow, I noticed that something similar is already happening over at Carpe Mousa. It's not that inventive of an idea, but I was still a little disappointed. Why does the universe keep proving to me that there really is no such thing as an original idea?

(A little backstory: Some of you may remember that Nathan B. posted my post about originality the same day I was going to, and then yesterday I was catching up on his blog and discovered that last Thursday he hosted editor/author Rakesh Satyal's post on finding time to write. Sound familiar?)

Anyway, I've dismissed my angst (for now) and will be moving forward with the posts. Regardless of how much of a copy-cat I am being, I like the idea of bringing out my darlings to speak to you about...well, whatever comes to them. 

The only decision left is who will be my first victim...er, I mean participant.

Any requests?


Windsong said...

*hands on hips*

It is so inventive. :D

It's all about execution. No two blog posts will be the same, because no two characters are the same.

I look forward to meeting your characters! :D

E. Van Lowe said...

I agree with Windsong. I just gave the main character in NSDWAZ her own blog. Who cares if it's not an original idea. I'm going to have fun writing it, and you will, too. Bring on those characters.