14 March 2009

Embracing Sam Elliott's First-Ever Virtual Write-In!!

Goooooood morning, writers! It's a great day to get some serious writing done.

If you are writing today and want some camaraderie, come join us!

We'll be here from now until late tonight/early tomorrow (depending how well it goes):


Just remember that if you are going to participate in the madness, manners and kindness are a must! I'm not afraid to use my administrative powers for good.

See you on the other side of several thousand words.

...now if only my roommate would wake up and volunteer to go on a Starbucks run...


EliseBlaha said...

Sam! Just wanted to say hi and that I hope this goes well today! Very cool idea.

Samantha Elliott said...

Thanks, Elise. It was great! Thanks for the support.