09 March 2009

Mini-Blog: Embracing Decision-Making

Happy Monday, my peeps! (<--No good, you say? Being addressed like that makes you feel like a pastel marshmallowy treat? Okay, I'll try again...)

Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm interrupting this regularly scheduled work-day to bring you a quick VWI update.

Sam Elliott's First-Ever Virtual Write-In is on!

I've decided that I'm going to hold it this Saturday, March 14, beginning at 9am EST, and if it works out, I will hold another later in the month or in early April. I'm a dedicated enough author to give up more than one Saturday, right? Right!

I will post more details here on Wuthering Life as I make them up...I mean, as I...no, I meant make them up. Tomorrow you can expect a What's What post on the VWI, and Wednesday or Thursday you can expect a Whose What post (and feel free to pester me if they don't appear!). There might be a Who's Who post on Friday, but only if you all seem interested. Some of you might prefer to remain semi-anonymous, which is totally fine by me. 

Just remember a few things:
  • The VWI is meant to be a time for productivity, fun, and camaraderie.
  • The VWI is open to anyone--BYOWF, remember?
  • The VWI is like a toddler just finding her legs. Be prepared to catch her if she stumbles.
Until tomorrow...


E. Van Lowe said...

Okay, now that I've made the commitment, I realize I am out of town this weekend. But I will figure out a way to participate on some level. Is that okay?
BTW 'peeps' is okay with me... But I can't stand the candy treat. I know, I know, probably just me.

Icy Roses said...

This is going to be great. I've gotten a bit behind on my writing schedule anyway, so Saturday will be a nice way to catch up. Although my attention span while writing is incredibly short, so it'll definitely be a challenge trying to stay on task all day. Thanks for organizing this whole thing!

Lisa.Live! said...

Hi Sam Elliot! What a great name! I did not mind peeps, either, and like E. Van Lowe, I never really liked the candy either. But you can call me a peep, anytime. About this VWI, first of all, I admire your creativity, and your "Embracing Decision Making" to get this going. I will "peep" in. What forum are you going to use? Or is that one of the details you'll be "making up?" :o)

Lisa.Live! said...

OOPs. Sorry, Samantha. I left the second t off name.

Samantha Elliott said...

Thanks for bringing back my 't', Lisa. The other one gets lonely without it. As for the forum, I'm going to create a private chat room using Meebo.com. It seems easy enough, and everyone can use whatever IM platform they want that way. There'll be more details about that in tomorrow's post.

As for you being able to join us, E., whatever you can make work is fine by me. And like I said, unless it's a miserable failure, this probably won't be the only VWI I host in the coming weeks. If you can't make it this weekend, then maybe after the Madness is over.

You're welcome, Icy. I'm glad to make a new online writing buddy. The point of the VWI is for us to help each other get a lot done, ADD or not. So, you're coming to the right place...ideally.