10 March 2009

Embracing What's What of SEFEVWI

Welcome to the What's What of Sam Elliott's First-Ever Virtual Write-In!

I'm going to answer a few What questions regarding the VWI. Hopefully, I'll cover everything, but if you have a What question of your own, just leave it in the comments. I'll make up an answer as soon as possible.

Without further ado...

What's a VWI?
  • VWI stands for Virtual Write-In. It is a virtual writers' retreat for writers unable to get away from it all physically. 
  • Any writer interested in participating will find a link to the private chatroom I will create by 9am on Saturday, March 14 via Meebo here on Wuthering Life that morning.
What's Meebo?
  • Meebo.com is a Web site that allows people to sign in to whatever instant messenger platform they use and communicate with users on other platforms. If you're participating, you might want to check out the site beforehand to avoid technical difficulties (as I just found the site last week and won't be able to offer any advice or know-how). But, it seems simple enough.
What's the point?
  • The point of participating in the VWI can really be whatever you want. Although I can be a bit dictatorial at times, this will not be one of them. However, there are a few reasons that I'm doing it. Feel free to borrow them if you'd like.
  1. I've been stuck in the ruttiest of ruts for the past...many months, and I need something different and extreme to jump start my WIP (work in progress).
  2. I find that writing with other writers present (if only via Internet magic) activates the competitive and prideful areas of my brain, which prevents me from procrastinating or losing focus.
  3. I like making new friends.
  4. I don't have the money/time to go write in a castle in Ireland like some YA authors I could name.
  5. I need to distract myself from the fact that I'll be finding out if I made the ABNA quarterfinals on Monday.
What do participants have to do?
  • Write. If you choose to participate that's really the only requirement--that you give up a Saturday to put your nose to the grindstone and write for a (mostly) uninterrupted 12-hour period.
  • However, if you want, you can encourage, challenge, and support fellow participants by answering questions, offering suggestions, and seriously abusing emoticons and exclamation points. I mean! :D
What do participants get out of it?
  • Um, quality time with yours truly? Sadly, I don't even have the design prowess to create cute little widget/icon that you can post on your blogs and Web pages. BUT, that doesn't mean that the VWI isn't worth your time or that you won't be getting anything out of it. It just means that what you're getting won't be...material. Here are a few things that you could get, though:
  1. A novel - If you write 10,000 words per hour for the whole 12 hours, then it's absolutely possible.
  2. A soul mate - Hey, you never know who might be joining us!
  3. A cookie - Just send me a request with your preferred type of cookie along with an SASE...
  • All joking aside, you'll be getting to have the minds of however many writers join us at your disposal (temporarily, of course). If you get stuck on a new character name and need a suggestion, we'll be there. Not sure if a description will give readers the correct impression? We'll be there. Work well under tight deadlines and need a push? My word sprints will be there. As I've said before, this VWI will be what we make it.
What happens if a participant invites some friends over to join him/her in person as well as online?
  • I'll send my hitman after you. 
  • OR I'll send you an extra cookie per friend you bring aboard, provided you send me the extra SASEs of course. ;)
  • Seriously, I can't say this enough: SEFEVWI is open to one and all. Tell as many of your writing buddies as you'd like, and feel free to meet up with them in person if that works for you. Just don't let them distract you!
I think that's about all the Whats I can think of. Feel free to bury me in questions.

Tomorrow, or (as is more likely) Thursday, I will post the Whose What of SEFEVWI --a chance for participants to introduce each other to their WIPs so that we can dive right in on Saturday morning.

Until then...


E. Van Lowe said...

Sam, this is great, just great! I LOVE it. Sadly, I cannot participate. It sounds like a lot of fun. I think I can check in on Saturday and be one of those who offers encouragement, but I will be away, and not in control of my time.

However, I will be channeling good VWI vibes all weekend!

Tara Maya said...

Weekends are usually the days I CANNOT write. Maybe I'm be able to get in a bit of scribbling, though, who knows.

Anyway, I've alerted all the writers I know about it. Hopefully some of them will show up even if I can't.