01 January 2009



verb, -braced, -brac⋅ing, noun –verb (used with object)

1. to take or clasp in the arms; press to the bosom; hug.
2. to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly: to embrace an idea.
3. to avail oneself of: to embrace an opportunity.
4. to adopt (a profession, a religion, etc.): to embrace Buddhism.
5. to take in with the eye or the mind.
6. to encircle; surround; enclose.
7. to include or contain: An encyclopedia embraces a great number of subjects.
–verb (used without object)
8. to join in an embrace.
9. an act or instance of embracing.

Embrace is my word for 2009.

I found the concept of choosing a word, one single concept, and living a year with your mind, body and soul focused on that word intoxicating. I decided to...embrace it.

I will embrace those who mean something to me as often and joyously as possible. I will embrace the countless things that go right in my life every day, and those that go wrong. I will embrace every minute I get to spend at the job that I love. And I will embrace the long, hard road down which my passion for writing leads me.

I will embrace my life, my hopes, my dreams, myself in 2009.

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