27 January 2009

Embracing Cliches

In lieu of a "real" post today, I'm going to talk about personal mantras--a few of my favorites and a few that make me cringe.

The ones that tickle my fancy:
  • If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all. (Courtesy of Thumper.)
  • What goes around comes around. (Courtesy of Justin Timberlake. Okay, maybe I heard it somewhere before him. But if it's before JT, who cares?)
  • C'est la vie! (Courtesy of French.)
The ones that rub me the wrong way:
  • If you love something, then set it free. (Seriously? Who's bright idea was that? If you do that, then it's gone.)
  • The early bird gets the worm. (So what?! I'm not a bird, and I don't want a worm.)
  • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. (First, what is WITH all the bird allusions? Second, what?! What does this even mean? Yes, I googled it too. So? It still makes no sense.)
And now that I've shared mine (please forgive the commentary and senseless linkage), tell me yours! 


dyane said...

My personal favorite is: the brightest stars always burn the fastest or whatever variant of that was the original saying. I am blinded by anger when people say that.
Posted something I think you might like. See ya, Dyane

Samantha Elliott said...

Ha! That one drives me nuts too! It reminds me of a "fortune" I got in a fortune cookie once. I kept it out of superstition or as proof of my bizarre encounter.

It reads, "If your dreams aren't too extravagant, they will come true."

Bollocks, I say!

Anonymous said...

I like:
Stir with a Knife, Stir up Strife...

I just thinks its funny. Thanks for the etiquette lesson!

Maybe you can solve this old one for me...

"you know what people say... 'When in Rome...'"
When in Rome What?
Do what the Romans do. But what do the Romans do? Are we talking nude beaches, mopeds, lemons, greek sandles? I dont get it!!!

And it pisses me off that no one ever finishes the saying.
Kinda like "He who laughs last...

Then they leave you hanging! Damn it!


Megan said...

If you want to see sayings turned on their heads...go to despair.com. And look up their demotivators. My favorite saying of theirs...

"You were meant for me...perhaps as a punishment."

But I think some of my favorite sayings..."Sieze the Day!" (Newsies...mainly the fact that every time I hear this saying...I automatically want to start dancing.)

Samantha Elliott said...

B, I just went through presentation training at work, and our coach said that leaving sentences incomplete is the surest way to annoy your audience and lose their...

Megan, every time I think of "Seize the day!", I think of my high school graduation and the fact that I built my valedictory speech around a cliche--such a cliched cliche. Then again, I did have a toast in my speech, complete with a (root) beer bong.

"All's well that ends well" eh?