22 January 2009

Embracing the Unconventional: My Goals

The third part of my 'Embracing the Unconventional' series has arrived. Now you get to see those things I've decided that I will do from the 50 unconventional things to do in your lifetime list of Lyved.com.

As always, don't be shy. I'm still waiting to hear a few of your unconventional things!

Will Do (as soon as I'm published):

5. Be in a movie, whether as an extra or as the star. If Stephen King can do it, then why the heck can't I? When my fabulous books are inevitably made into amazing movies, I plan to negotiate a cameo into my contract each and every time. I think I would make an excellent Coffee Shop Woman #2.

12. Have a credit on IMDB.com. See previous. Sam Elliott had better move over!

27. Create a website. What kind of author would I be if I didn't have a website? One day there will be excerpts to post and book tours to promote, and I'm sorry Blogger, but a blog just won't cut it.

36. Travel for a full year. This with either happen because A) I'm fabulously wealthy and can afford to take a year off to sail and backpack and hike to every corner of the globe, or B) I have so many book tours and events to do during the simultaneous launch of my fifth book, second movie and new fragrance that I just don't make it home for a year. (I won't mention the third option, which may or may not involve the word homeless.)

44. Be on a TV news program for something positive. Besides the obvious talk show circuit when my memoir wins a Pulitzer, I plan to use my fame and fortune to promote an amazing cause, which will of course be covered on your nightly news cast.

45. Watch a movie being filmed. Again, see the first thing on this list. How could I be in a movie and not watch it being filmed?

48. Get your name and biography on Wikipedia. Oh man... The day I have a wiki page I will freak out. IMDB is cool, but wiki...is Wiki!!


Dyane said...

Hey, long time no talk...Hmm. I've done some of the things on that list so I get I been livin' it up... I sound even worse doing slang in writing than in verbal convos. Ahh, to laugh at oneself...My unconventional thing: I would like to take a wild trip where my tastebuds and cultural palette can be titilated like India or eating bugs with a tribe in some remote corner of the Amazon, even though I have lots of allergies and generally freak out at the sight of any animal with teeth (but I'll eat 'em, if one of us has to go :) Peace and good cheer.

E. Van Lowe said...

Hey Sam, I really enjoyed reading about where you're headed. I was in a scene on The Cosby Show once. All the writers were, but we were in disguises. Good. I don't have the guts to see myself in a movie--even in the background. I'm sure it would ruin the movie for me. I'll stick to writing. Sam, yesterday I read an article in PW about a pretty well known publisher looking for unagented YA writers, and I thought of you. I hope this doesn't come across as an insult. It isn't. You deserve to be published. Here is the link. It might be of interest to you. Type this into your browser: http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6631298.html?nid=2286&source=link&rid=2028017595

Samantha Elliott said...

Dyane, the thought of you traipsing through the Amazon and eating bugs is possibly the funniest image I've had in my head in a long while. Thanks for the laugh! Although, I have no doubt that you could go (and have an amazing time) if you set your mind to it. Just be sure to send me some pictures!!

E, I think that's really cool about joining the Cosby Show cast incognito. Whatever works for you. Even though I'm not a fan of seeing myself on camera, I've done theater most of my life and am more fascinated by the whole experience than averse to it. As for the tip about Alloy, that was far from insulting! I am an unagented author with an unagented manuscript. I'm not sure how they are envisioning this collaborative process to work, but I threw my hat in the ring to find out. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you very much. :)