25 January 2009

Embracing the Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected

Before I even opened the e-mail, I knew it wasn't good news. It wasn't pessimism exactly. It was something more akin to a crisis of faith...in myself. As you may recall, I'm not the type to let these kinds of things get to me. But considering the state of the rest of my life at the time, the fifth and final rejection of as many queries hit me particularly hard (especially considering that two of them had come within 24 hours of sending them).

Now, I'm proud to say that true to form, after allowing myself a beer and 15 minutes of pity partying, I embraced the bad and determined to focus on those thing in my control instead of out of it. Thus was a major breakthrough in the plot of ANJIDIA: THE FALL arrived at. In turning my lemons into lemonade, I've discovered a character I didn't know existed and realized that she ties so perfectly into the story of ANJIDIA that I'm almost ashamed I hadn't noticed her sooner.

In summary, I'm ready to begin writing this novel in earnest.

Then, just as I was embracing the good, along came the unexpected in the form of a thoughtful gesture from blogger e. I suddenly had a new opportunity to go with my new attitude. You don't need to guess whether or not I embraced it (and a couple more while I was at it). And even if it doesn't pan out, which it very well may not, I've come out of this particularly dark and dismal tunnel no worse for the wear.

What more could I ask for?


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about the rejection! I hope e's suggestion works out for you.

Remember if you ever need to run away for some research into "another world" Mississippi is a world unto itself! Same could be said for most of the southeast actually... but where was I? Oh yes, You are always welcome on my guest bed!


Samantha Elliott said...

Thank you! I appreciate that very much. Who knows when I'll need to get away. :)