06 January 2009

Embracing Focus

As promised, I'm here to talk about focus - how I focus, what helps me focus, etc. I wish that I knew. I've been trying to focus long enough to write this entry since I got home from work and have been unable to. Go figure.

In the past, the best way for me to focus was to set a very clear and realistic goal for myself, put on some headphones (even if I was by myself) with music suited to the task, and be sure that (above all else) I kept my eyes from wandering. While that plan had a success rate of about 85%, I realized tonight that it has a major flaw: it necessitates me having the energy or the will to embrace the focus methodology. That energy is what I find myself lacking tonight.

When coffee (two cups) and food (stir fried turkey sausage, veggies, and rice) and all else (returning missed calls, checking e-mail, watching Beyonce's atrocious video for All the Single Ladies) fail, one is left only to choose self-indulgent defeat or begrudging determination. I have been choosing the former predominantly of late. It's gotten me nowhere. In fact, while it used to at least produce a cleared household chores to-do list, lately it hasn't even done that.

As a result, I find myself embracing the latter instead, dragging myself forward like a wounded soldier on the Front. Obviously the results are mixed. Sometimes you capture the flag, and sometimes focusing for focusing's sake leaves you with nothing more than incessant ramblings and bizarre metaphors.

My apologies.

Until next time...

PS - No updates regarding ANJIDIA and ANJIDIA: THE FALL, as if you had to ask.

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Anonymous said...

...umm idk y u r mad? r u mad? idk i read like 3 eneteries on that page...well then agian 13?