05 January 2009

January 5, 2009

You might not be able to put your finger on the reason, but it feels like something is shifting in your energy field. You are ready to show your creative stuff and are hoping that the world is ready to see you in a positive light. Luckily, it may be easier for you to find the happiness you seek in the weeks and months ahead without much extra effort on your part. Trust your instincts and be ready to gratefully accept the admiration heading your way.

So read the horoscope that (instead of the Sun) greeted me this morning. I can only pray that it was handed to tarot.com by the Fates themselves, because I recently began my quest for an agent anew, and, well, I can use all the good karma and support I can get.

That said, I will be chronicling my exploits in publishing and writing in the coming months for the amusement of all, particularly me. I guess we'll be able to see if this forecast proves accurate. By the way, I say "chronicling exploits" instead of "sharing insights," because if I've learned anything about writing, it's that it spawned the word subjective. Everyone's process differs. Everyone's tastes differ. And, most importantly, everyone's story differs.

Still, I'm willing to share mine...for what it's worth. Let's start with the bare bones facts about where I stand in the publishing process and go from there, shall we?

Genre: YA Fantasy
Status: Revisions complete, in query
No. of Rejections: 16

Genre: YA Fantasy
Status: First draft in progress

Genre: Unknown
Status: Plaguing me

I think I'll leave it at that for now, or rather that and a question: What kinds of tricks do you employ to keep yourself motivated and on-target? I'll share mine next time!

Until then...


Anonymous said...

I like to stare out the window and listen to music. Most of the time I never really see what I'm staring at or hear what I'm listening to, but it's a lot more fun than empty walls and silence, ne?

Anonymous said...

I usually listen to music. I'm getting to the point where I have to write so many words/pages a day before I can consider myself done for the day.